Kel did a commercial for American Life Insurance Company.  He was Driving an old tractor, Riding a horse, Working on a classic motorcycle  all while delivering his lines. 2019

Kel had a lead role in a not yet named TV pilot. His character goes town to town riding the rails helping strangers with there problems and situations. He's kinda like a fallin angel trying to help people and get his life back on track. It's a drama with some humor sprinkled in.  2019.

Kel did a commercial for a well known paint company. It showed him painting a home and talking about the product.

Filming soon... Kel Has one of the lead roles in a feature film called 'Heading for the light'. His character is "Reb" a cigar smoking intimating biker con-man in a thriller, heist movie produced by Title IX Productions 2019

KEL Has one of the leads in a  television pilot  tentatively called 'Radio Days'.  Produced by 8 productions. Kel is a old time cowboy - country singer and humorist.  It's a drama - comedy.  Stan "the man" Williams is the writer - director he is shopping it around to see if we can get picked up and make more episodes. We went and had a meeting with NBC. - Stay tuned. 2019.

 KEL  has a lead role, he plays Wayne a coal miner in ‘Pineapple’ a Project Greenlight Digital Studio HBO pilot by writer/director Arkasha Stevenson and Adaptive Studios.  ‘Pineapple’, is about a small mountain town that must shut down it’s coal mine after a young woman is assaulted. 2016 . Exciting News !!!  It was accepted into The Sundance Film Festival 2017. More Exciting news !! 'Pineapple was acquired by Blackpills productions for their start-up mobile - centric video platform.  Okay more exciting news. 'Pineapple was accepted into The Tribeca Film Festival in New York 2017 !!  More Exciting news 'Pineapple' was accepted into The Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland 2017 !!! 

​Kel landed a supporting role in 'The Bend' a feature film with Micheal Madsen and Scott Schwartz. Directed by Ricky Borba 2019

KEL had a role in ‘Running Wild’ He plays The Horseman. with Sharon Stone and Tommy Flanagan. ESX Entertainment. Directed by Alex Ranartivelo.

KEL had a role in ‘Pray for rain’ played a struggling farmer. with Jane Seymour. ESX Entertainment. Directed by Alex Ranartivelo.

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